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8 days, 7 half days of walking tour

We offer you this program, by 4x4 drive vehicles to those who like to perform all things in a short time. The program extends from the starting point of Akakous to Ubari, passing through the Southern Libya routes. This program allows us to discover all aspects of this great desert landscape, with its and dunes rocky plateau, rocky hills, rock painting and engraving, lofty rock configuration made by weather erosion elements, and pleasant hidden lakes lost in the heart of sand dunes you will enjoy all these fascinating landscape within one week only.

Important points :

  • Direct arrival to Ghat

  • Matchindosh rock paintings

  • Contrasting landscape within one day


Day 1 Air travel to Ghat, airport reception, transport to Ghat, and visiting the old city.
Accommodation: Ghat camp.
Day 2 We depart in this morning 4x4 drive vehicles in the direction of Tacherchori pass, before plunging into the heart of the Akakous, through mountainous relief, to the great "Afazegar" crossing, to spend the first night in a camp under the srars, and to take your first cup of tea with our Tuareg companions.
These heights extend in massive escarpment towards the west, gradually sloping after 30 km distance to the west until it reaches "Wan Kaza" dunes, to form magnificent table land rich with prehistorical remains.

- Number of walking hours: 1-2 hours

- Accommodation: in camp

Day 3 In this day we reach the ancient site of "Tshuenit" with its many rock paintings, before reaching the massive Tin Khaligha bridge, standing on three columns, where we will encamp. Our Tuareg companion will show us how to bake bread on embers, and above all, how the Tuareg of Libya know laughing and merriment after a hard day's walk!
 - Number of walking hours: 2-3 hours
 - Accommodation: in camp
Day  4 Leaving Tshunit, we move to Wan Kaza, crossing "Ein Agamid" pass. We pitch our camp at the foot of Murzog extensive sand dunes.
 - Accommodation: camp
Day  5 In this day we cross the path leading to the great ancient site of Mat Khandosh, abundant with forest beast engravings, attesting to the fact that the desert was covered with green in the past. We continue our journey to our camp in Pergog, where water and temperature allow farmers to cultivate three crops in the year, which is an evidence of the fortitude of these people.
 - Number of walking hours: 2 hours
 - Accommodation: in camp
Day  6 After a short visit to the Garametes tombs in Germa, we enter the Ubari sand sea to look at its mysteries: The Oases and lakes. We reach Mandara dry lake, and pitch our camp on Umin Alma lake high banks. It is a blue pearl amids the sands, surrounded by sand and palm trees, reflected on its clear water. Sunset is marvelous on the high sand dunes, adorned with the golden sun rays.
 - Number of walking hours: 2 hours
 - Accommodation: in camp
Day  7 Having seen Gaber Oums the largest oasis lake in Libya, we move to Ein Kaza, where we spent our last night in the open air camp.
 - Number of walking hours: 2 hours
 - Accommodation: in camp
Day  8 We move to Eiwenat camp to path before taking the plane from Ghat airport.
The guide may change this schedule for safety considerations, if necessary.


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