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We would like to propose a single itinerary on foot to discover all the Akakus Tadrart treasures, to those who like rock paintings, and the numerous and varied rocky hills landscape of the Libyan Sahara desert. The sand covered Tadrart rocks, while Akakus defiles and caves contain paintings from all Neolithic epochs….

The north parts of this Massif offer at the end a very mineral vision of this small corner of this Saharan paradise for all Saharan trekers. It is a tour full of surprises and emotions.

Important points :

  • Tadrart sand dunes

  • Akakus rock painting

  • Short trips starting from Ghat for optimizing the trek


Day 1 Flight to Ghat. We take our 4x4 vehicles to cross Takharakhori pass, where we find our camel men waiting for us. Introduction are made.
 - Transport: 4x4
 - Accommodation: camp at wir Tahounne.
Day 2 We begin our trip across the escarpment relief, before we join our camp under the stars of Wan Boubbou.
This massif extends in an impressive escarpment to the west, but, after a distance of thirty kms gradually slopes to the dunes of Ouan Kase, to ferm to our very great pleasure the extraordinary Tassili relief of Tadrart.
 - Nos. of marching hours: 5
 - Accommodation: camp at wir Tahounne.
Day 3 At the regular rhythm of our camels, we cross the Tassilli towards the North-east, before we arrive for dinner under the great Afzejar Arch. We pitch our camp at Tenfahana.
 - Nos. of marching hours: 5
 - Accommodation: camp
Day 4, 5 Always on foot, we discover with our camels the prehistoric cave of Ein Amellal. Then we move to Iminenegh to take our dinner. After a siesta we rejoin our bivoc near the great tripod arch of Tin Khlega, in Techoulnet valley where we discover the rock engravings treasure. Paintings covering tens of meters to remind us that this Sahara was inhabited by people, visited by numerous animals of the Savanna.
 - Nos. of marching hours: 5
 - Accommodation: camp
Day 6-12 During this week, we climb the massif in the full north direction, across gravel and sand tracts, sometimes observing painting, and at others rock arches rising to the sky, as evidence of erosion elements, like the wind continuously eroding this massif.
This tour takes us to Tin Aloubou, Ighawalan, Oubarkat and Teheit Tan Gargour, before we arrive in Awis, then in Aghellachem and Tin Assalam, on the extreme northern Akakus.
Life with our Tuareg team have taken its rhythm, and we began to know each other more and more in an intimate manner. Our friends make the Tagaliah meal under the sand, small cup teas in between, and supper. One hour siesta in the hot hours in a perfect silence becomes a ritual habit.
 - Nos. of marching hours: 5 per day
 - Accommodation: camp
Day 13 After a morning march we came to Tanezzouft valley, before we cross the route to rejoin our last bivoc at the foot of Ein Dinan Massif, the Devil Mountain, its circular summit towering towards the stars.

- Nos. of marching hours: 4 to 5

Accommodation: camp
Day 14


We take the vehicles that take us to Ghat after supper, where we take a good shower at camp visit the old town.

- Transport: 4x4

- Accommodation: camping

Day 15 Return flight from Ghat by air

This itinlurary can be realized in two directions, as per operational condition.


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